Students as Media Makers

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project Presents:

Students as Media Makers

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Saturday, February 27, 2016, 8:30-12:00

California State University, Fresno, ED 177


Featured Speaker: Libbi Miller

“Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Student Voice”


English Language Learners

and Writing: 

Julie Davis, “Let’s Get Them Writing: Creating Successful Writing Activities for All”


Energize your teaching with fresh ideas in this Make and Take session. Wanted Posters will get your students excited about writing and illustration as part of the literacy activities in your classroom. Use them as a focus on character traits, historical figures, famous scientists, or geometric shapes. Create a Wanted Poster using your content area. Create opportunities for success for EL learners and all ability levels, with this fun, engaging, no tech writing activity. This lesson targets elementary students, but it can easily be adapted to a technology project for older students.

Writing in the Content Areas:

Betsy Ritzman-Weber, “Infographics: Engaging Assessments”



Explore the infographic genre before building your own in this interactive session. Infographics are increasingly becoming an important way of conveying information both in and out of the digital world. They are a great alternative to research reports. Learn the basics of creating infographics as well as how to teach students the analytical skills they will need to create them. Bring your creativity and device.




Technology and Writing Instruction: Janean Bray

Technology and Creativity in the Writing Process


Put a creative spin on informational and fiction writing. With a basic understanding of technology and searching capabilities, students can research a variety of content areas such as science, history, math, or English and create interesting presentations. In this workshop, you’ll encounter ideas and mentor texts that allow students to enrich their writing and incorporate research, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Through using mentor texts, templates, Google Docs, Drawings, Sites, and add-ons such as LucidPress, students can branch out and explore new ways to present information.

Strategies for Teaching Writing:

An introduction to Connected Learning with Betsy Ritzman-Weber and Trish Renfro


Connected learning is when you’re pursuing knowledge & expertise around something you care deeply about, and you’re supported by friends & institutions who share & recognize this common passion or purpose. Learn the foundations of connected learning and have an opportunity to explore how you can connect it to your own content and classroom.




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