SJVWP Story, Meta Schettler

Here is the SJVWP story (in verse) from Teacher Leader, Meta Schettler:

Moving Into Sunlight (for the San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, Winter Reunion 2015)

Writing Project, a set of watercolor paints
many different colors
each teacher with her own color
Together we make something new
If anyone is missing our picture would change

We add new things in this process
adding water and light
deep swirls or sharp angles
a tree a flower a leaf

Our students have their own
styles and angles patterns and beats
They paint their own stories
and give us a corner to share

In Fresno we find
this mosaic this mural
of colors, all people
moving closer
if we trust each other
to open up.

What comes around goes around
And we spiral together every time we meet
From violet to green from cobalt to tangerine
The colors keep shifting like a kaleidoscope
in sunlight.

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