Nurturing Student Engagement

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project presents

Nurturing Student Engagement

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Saturday, April 2, 2016, 8:30 – 12:00

Featured Speaker: Teresa Huerta

English Language Learners and Writing:

Erica Gamino

“Exploding a Moment”

Lead your students to “explode a moment” in a pre-writing activity that leads to the writing of a focused and detailed narrative. All students, especially EL’s will find this beginning stage for narrative writing useful, for it targets the essential five domains of learning: reading, thinking, listening, writing, and speaking.  Through target words and a short text connection (The Beads of Life), students recall specific moments in their lives.  Then, they focus on one specific moment and explode it, or relive it with details.

Writing in the Content Areas

Trish Renfro

Poetry in the Content Classroom”

Learn how to use poetry as a closure, formative assessment, and argument writing in the secondary content classroom.  Teachers will learn how poetry can be used to allow students to find their own voicer as well as to process the content.  Teachers will learn how poetry’s freedom allows all students to access the content at their level and drive deeper with their personal learning.

Technology and Writing Instruction

Jamie Smith

“The Micro Claim”

With Common Core, students need to write in nearly every content area. Grades 6-12 specifically need to master argument. Learn about the power of alternative mediums.  We will examine the relevance and use of…

  • meme generators
  • comic strips

…as unique and engaging opportunities to explore argument and claims in their writing.



Strategies for Teaching Writing

Kristen Norton

“Building Community through Spoken Word Poetry”

Learn how to support students in finding their voice and sharing it with others through spoken word poetry.  Participants will explore how to lead students through the process of writing and revising a spoken word poem that they will then share with others in a classroom or grade level poetry slam.  This lesson will demonstrate how writing and sharing spoken word poetry can become a way to build community within your classroom and confidence within your students.

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