New Teachers Writing Collaborative

Attention new teachers! If you’d like to know more about how to teach writing, how to integrate writing in your regular instruction, and how to use writing as a tool for learning this is the workshop for you. Participants will expand their knowledge about writing instruction and will also develop their own writing skills. Any new teacher with 3 or less years of teaching experience, (K-university) in any discipline is welcome.

The New Teachers Writing Collaborative (NTWC) will involve the following:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of the three text types associated with the Common Core: narrative, informative, argument/opinion.
  • Exploring the Common Core standards related to writing and developing ways to apply them in our classroom.
  • Discussing the relationship between reading and writing instruction, focusing particularly on how to integrate writing instruction into curriculum design.
  • Writing! Participants will take part in writing groups and develop their skills for collaboration. We believe that the best teachers of writing are those who write, who haven’t forgotten the demands of producing all types of texts.
  • Exploring how to integrate technology into our writing instruction including online collaboration, analyzing complex text, and digital writing workshop.

Dates: June 22-25, June 29-July 2, 2015 (Participants must attend all dates, 8:45a.m.-3:30 p.m.)

Application Deadline: registration by May 20, payment due by May 20

Registration website here.

Cost: $350 (for an additional $225, participants can purchase 3 units of credit at Fresno State)

Please send a payment of $350 made out to SJVWP to the address at the end of this explanation. Your check should be accompanied by a sheet of paper with your name, snail mail address, email, and phone number. Payments for the workshop must be sent to us by May 20.

Dr. Kathleen Godfrey
Department of English
5245 N. Backer Ave. M/S. PB 98
Fresno, CA 93740

If you have any questions, please email Marci Haas at marcihaas616 (at)

Testimonials from 2014 NTWC participants:

“No matter the grade level, the NTWC promises a variety of engaging activities to bring into your classroom. It teaches us how to explore, discover, and create like we want our students to. I will forever be grateful for the tools and confidence I now have in not only the ability to teach writing, but to incorporate its power (and standards) across multiple disciplines.” Jody Burnett, 6th grade teacher at Coarsegold Elementary

“The NTWC connected me with teachers from other districts and grade levels. Our collaboration time was rich and meaningful and the instructors were fantastic! This course should be a part of the credential program. I feel like I am walking away with new strategies, new friends and inspiration to teach writing.” 8th grade ELA teacher

“The NTWC provided me with much-needed support and confidence to implement CC literacy standards in my social studies classroom.” Katy Merrill, Modern World History, AP Economics

“NTWC is a wonderful way to recharge as a writer and as a teacher of writing. The timing of the workshop helped capture my reflections from the recent school year and fuel my planning (and enthusiasm) for the next school year. Thank you SJVWP!” Melinda Scott

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