Everything’s an Argument (SJVWP WOW)

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project presents Everything’s an Argument

JANUARY 30, 2016, 8:30‐12:00 AT FRESNO STATE

General Session

“Starting with, So What?”

Brandon Zenimura, English Teacher Sanger High School

This warm‐up session will explore strategies that help students develop the key ideas in literary analysis. Participants will read a sample text and engage in inductive thinking to guide them toward critical points of argumentation.

“What Really Happened?: Evaluating An Author’s Evidence to Support a Claim in Argument Writing”

Cyndi Hernandez, 6th Grade Teacher Roosevelt Elementary School, Selma

We will read from Amelia Earhart: First Lady of Flight, by Jan Parr, travel to websites with related information to analyze evidence that supports each writer’s claim in regard to Earhart’s disappearance. After researching, you will present your findings to workshop participants. Individually, you will decide which group’s research is most valid and write a one‐paragraph argument based on the information provided.

“Using Historical Sources in Argument”

Mary Janzen, Social Science Teacher Duncan Polytechnic High School, Fresno

This session will explore how students use primary and secondary historical sources as evidence in argumentative writing. The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework will be used as a guiding document for creating lessons and uncovering best practices in developing historical thinking skills.

“Creating a Digital Trail: Informational Literacy and Wiki Collaborations”

Kathee Godfrey, English Professor/SJVWP Director. Fresno State

Bring your computers to participate in a hands on workshop that will expose you to CRAAP detection (informational literacy), collaboration (wikispaces), and a tech‐based version of what we used to call the I‐Search project.

“Classwide Argument Structures”

Kristie Leyba, English Teacher Edison High School, Fresno

Rather than sit through days of groups and individual presentations, get everyone involved with discussion models of Town Hall debate and Congressional debate. This session will provide some resources to get started, ways to support EL and quiet students as well as a lively practice debate of stakeholders in this session.

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Charge: $15 per workshop

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